Born in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic in the very heart of the caribbean, in constant expansion of the personal viewpoint on existence and manifested life.

You will find here a blend of things we can sense and some that we can’t. References of happenings from the everyday physical reality life with its apparent hardships, eases and beauties and also from the intangible world of all encompassing and permeating vibrational energy, sometimes subtle and sometimes obvious, measurable and believable.

Let’s find together a common ground where we all can dwell in understanding, consciousness expansion and joy for the sake of humanity wellness. Let’s just wake up to the Unity, Equality, Freedom of Choice and Infinite Power of all human beings for the purpose of existing and working harmoniously as cells in one physical body.  Mutual care and love should be the goal.

One Response to About

  1. Augustina says:

    You have shed a ray of susnhine into the forum. Thanks!


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