What Do We Really Want?

Certainly, what we want is not confinements for our lives. We need no more limitations than those we impose ourselves on us, which is already a huge amount. It’s known that the origin of most of the self impose limitations is imprinted in us by the environment that surrounded us during the early time of our upbringing.

To revert those limitations coming from our childhood we need a conscious and sustained effort. We all have beliefs for almost everything. For example, the belief that going under the rain or spending a time outdoors during the night with heads uncovered will lead to get a cold. Once we are aware and informed of the non sense of any belief, to get rid of it the first thing is the identification of it by self conscious watching and over time the belief will be replace with the idea that makes sense, thus uprooting the false limiting belief.

There is another kind of limitations developed in adulthood by social conditioning. To avoid it or be safe from it we need to be aware, mindful and watchful of all the input coming from the media, which nowadays is literally an avalanche. Above all, question any affirmation or suggestion coming to our minds. The targets are our weak and false beliefs, our desires, our pleasures, our wants, our real needs and our self made needs. In the front seats are comfort, self esteem and entertainment.

At the end, what we really want is internal individual freedom to experience Joy in all possible expressions of our creativity and decisions.


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