Do Presidents Need Brain?

“I am reminded of a story. A great politician had developed a tumor in his brain, perhaps a canceric growth.

It was a very complicated operation, his whole brain had to be taken out. He was lying down on the table; it was a long and very delicate operation.

The doctors were operating on the brain in another room. When the operation was over, they came back to take the politician … he was missing! ‘My God, where has he gone?’

The nurse said, ‘A man came running and he said, ‘You have been chosen the president.’ The patient stood up and started walking. I tried to prevent him, I said, ‘Your brain is in the surgery, and they are working on it.’

He said, ‘Now that I am the president I don’t need the brain. Let them work on it. Whenever I need it I will come, but at least for five years forget all about it.

I am the president; brains are needed by small people, nobodies. Where is the need for brains for a man who has risen to the highest post?”

The whole of history proves it, that politicians have been the most idiotic people around. But the strange fact is that the more idiotic the politician is, the more possibility there is for his success.”


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