The Healing Power of Connection

Lynn McTaggart

(Science of Energy Healing Course | 2016)

“Conventional science describes the world as a machine. It describes our body as one more machine that gets broken. It also describes us as discrete entities that end with the hair on our skin, at which point the rest of the world begins. Consciousness is seen as being locked inside our skulls, and we are separate from every other thing in the world.

A scientific revolution is currently upending that idea completely. In the early stages of the field, quantum scientists realized that empty space is a hive of activity caused by the interaction of subatomic particles that send energy back and forth like an endless game of tennis. More recently, Hal Puthoff recognized the importance of this. He realized that subatomic particles are actually waves that encode information. If they interact with all the subatomic particles in the world, they have essentially an information headquarters of everything that ever was. He also recognized that waves go on forever, meaning that this was a mechanism by which we could understand that everything in the universe is connected.

Along with many of the quantum pioneers like Werner Heisenberg, Hal recognized that there are no underlying realities, but only the space between things. This is a connection between things that is so integral and so profound that it is impossible to say where one thing ends and another begins. In essence, everything can be reduced to a relationship.

Scientists would like you to believe that there are two types of truth; scientific laws for the large, visible sticks and stones world that we can see with our eyes and the laws for the tiny world of the quantum. However Anton Zeilinger at the University of Vienna is discovering that big things, giant molecules, also operate according to quantum processes. This means that they are in a state of superposition – they are malleable.

Imagine a stadium with many chairs. If a quantum particle were a normal element, it would occupy just one chair. But a quantum particle occupies every seat in the stadium at the same time. That is what superposition means; the quantum particle has not yet settled down to one self. We are now discovering that photosynthesis operates according to properties that require superposition. Giant molecules operate according to quantum superposition. Things are unfinished. We now know that this is a dance that requires things in our environment, even the mind, to finish the job.

Findings from many fields, including biology, psychology and anthropology, show that people are constantly being rebuilt from the outside in. This contradicts what we are normally told. We are told that we have a master blueprint in our DNA that is fixed from birth.

However, Randy Jirtle, an expert in genetic aspects gone wrong, did an experiment with colleagues to see if they could override genetic programming by manipulating environmental influences. They worked with the agouti mouse, that has a genetic defect rendering them very obese and peach colored.

That defect was consistently passed down to their offspring, who were also obese. The agouti gene makes it difficult for these mice to process B vitamins. Jirtle and his colleagues gave pregnant agouti mice some B vitamins and their offspring were slim, brown, normal mice. They found that environmental influences can override genes.

We now know that genes are essentially like piano keys, sitting there silently, waiting to be played. What plays a gene? A quartet of atoms that sit above the gene called the epigenome. These atoms are influenced by external things; the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the friends we have, the sum total of how we live our lives.

Researchers from Rochester started looking through data from the Women’s Health Initiative, a large study of hundreds of thousands of women in the U.S. They wanted to see whether women with a family history of breast cancer had an increased incidence. They found that the only excess of breast cancer occurred among those women who were taking hormones. Family history had nothing to do with it. Environmental things, like taking hormones, made those genes express that put them into play.

John Cairns did a remarkable study looking at bacteria. He wanted to see what would happen if he took bacteria that were lactose-intolerant and put them in a hostile environment, a medium filled with lactose. He assumed that they would stop reproducing and die off. But that did not occur. One of the bacteria’s genes began mutating until one mutation came along that was able to process lactose. At this point, the bacteria snipped out the old one and put in the new version. When it was published, this study rocked the scientific community because it basically said that environmental influences can mutate and change genes.

The Power of Thought

The placebo effect works 60 to 70% of the time. There is no drug on the market that works as well. Former Dean of Engineering Robert Jahn and Dr. Brenda Dunne of Princeton University decided to see whether or not people can affect electronic equipment. They showed participants an image on the computer that would randomly alternate between two images, for example cowboys and Indians. They asked participants to stand in front of the machine and will that machine to have more cowboys than Indians or the reverse.

Jahn and Dunne did hundreds of thousands of these studies and had results of 52% in favor of change. That sounds like chance, which is 50%. However, then they looked at the rate of change, which is an effect size. That is what medical studies do. Their effect size was 0.2 per hour. Let us compare that to one of the most successful drugs on the market, aspirin. Aspirin is considered a medical miracle. Its effect size is 0.03, which is 10 times smaller than the effect size of people using their thoughts to change an image on a computer. That is powerful medicine.

Fritz-Albert Popp, a German physicist, discovered that all living things are essentially candles, beaming out a very tiny low-current of light at every moment. He discovered some incredible things about that light. It is synchronicitous. When we send out light, other living things are sending light back. He also found that there is a global communication system in the body. For example, if he put medicine on one part of the hand, it would change the light there, but it would also change the light everywhere else in the body. This would suggest that this is a communication vehicle for the body. He also discovered that light comes out of DNA.

Gary Schwartz, who is on the Science of Energy Healing faculty, is photographing biophotons and counting them with a very sensitive camera that is ordinarily used to photograph very faint light in outer space. He photographed the light coming out of leaves and string beans. He also photographed a healer while they were sending healing. Schwartz used sophisticated equipment to count the biophotons, which showed increased light from their dominant hand when they sent healing.

This was augmented by the work of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian physicist who found a way to excite this light and to evoke it, so that it was hundreds of thousands of times brighter, at which point he could capture it coming out of the fingers. He found that this light changed during healing and during intention. The light changed when someone sent healing, and also when someone received healing.

Our cells have have microtubules, which are the cell’s scaffolding. These microtubules have small, vacant tubes inside of them. A number of scientists have theorized, including Stuart Hameroff from the University of Arizona, that these are light pipes. They are tiny tracks for biophotons and they create an ability to have global communication within the body. This would account for the speed of this information being transmitted around the body.

Think of the implications. If these light pipes are actually carrying biophotons, look at how many of them are in every cell. This would suggest that we are drenched in this light; we are drenched in these thoughts. They are affecting every aspect of our bodies, but they don’t just affect us. They go out and affect the world.

We know that light is having a synchronicitous conversation, but there are other ways we are infecting other people and they are infecting us. We know this from the work of Dr. Giacomo Rizzolatti, an Italian neuroscientist. He discovered something untoward when he was trying to find out which neurons in monkeys’ brains fire when they are reaching and grasping for something.

While he was in the midst of this experiment, he discovered that the monkey’s same neurons fired when a researcher was reaching and grasping for something as when the monkey was doing it himself. Rizzolatti went on to study human beings and discovered that not only when we observe someone performing an action, but when we observe them having an emotion, the very same neurons in us fire as if we were having that emotion, as if we were carrying out that action.

In other words, in order to understand the world, nature has equipped us with copycat neurons, so that we essentially merge with the people around us, we feel what they are feeling. When we say, “I feel your pain,” we are actually feeling the emotional component of the pain, we are experiencing what other people experience. What this really means is that people’s thoughts are a complex mix of theirs and everyone around them.

Rizzolatti calls these mirror neurons. We mirror other people. When we see their thoughts, when we see their emotions, we mirror them, so we are having their thoughts at the same moment.

This does not just occur with individuals. It occurs in a social network. Scientists from Harvard have discovered that the people around you affect your state of mind and an entire social network. Happy people are more likely to have happy friends, not because they self-select happy people to be with, but because of the natural spread of happiness. The same thing occurs with negative emotions. If you are obese, you are more likely to have obese friends, not because you choose them, but because your entity resets the button in them as to what is normal.

Lonely people are more likely to have lonely friends. It is a ripple effect. We are contagious. Our emotions affect everyone around us. Fritz Popp discovered that our messages are being sent and received at every moment. Your messages are being heard and replied to. As healers, you have to ask yourself a basic question, “What is your unconscious broadcast?”

The Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) collects spontaneous remissions stories and they found that many cancers just go away; one in eight skin cancers spontaneously heal. All illnesses have spontaneous remission and there are huge numbers of them.

IONS has also found that they can categorize people who get better. They find over and over again, particularly with cancer patients, that they lost the joy or the central purpose in their life. They felt that life would never get better. These people improve once they make some sort of massive psychological shift or change something important in their life. They get rid of the abusive husband. They change the difficult, self-defeating job. They find a way to make life engaging and purposeful. This suggests that illness can be caused or changed through thought patterns.

What about transcending time? Leonard L., an Israeli professor was hell-bent on debunking alternative medicine. He decided to organize a tightly controlled experiment. He divided into two groups patients who had a very serious blood infection. One group received conventional treatment and the other group received prayer as well as the conventional treatment. He figured that this is going to be his way of showing this stuff is rubbish, but he discovered that the patients who had been prayed for were better in every regard. They were healthier. They had fewer side effects. They got out of the hospital sooner.

There was one amazing kicker to this study. The praying was done in the year 2000. But the patients had been in the hospital in the years 1992 to 1994, six to eight years earlier. Leonard had done a retro intention experiment, figuring this was the way he was going to debunk alternative medicine once and for all. He published in The Lancet.

The Power of the Group

Another important component of healing is having a sense of belonging. For example, studies of suicides have demonstrated repeatedly that people kill themselves because they feel left out. They suffer from what psychologists call excessive individuation. They don not belong.

One study in America looked where the clusters of suicide are greatest, from what socio-economic band. The people at the very bottom rung were most likely to kill themselves, but the second-highest group was the richest people in America. People in the richest neighborhoods are more likely than almost anyone else to kill themselves. It is not because they live miserable lives. It is because they cannot keep up with their neighbors; because of the feeling of not belonging, of not being as good as everyone else. That is how powerful belonging is; that is how powerful connection is.

The power of connection can also be seen in studies from epidemiologists who want to look at how populations get certain diseases. For example, the Japanese smoke like chimneys, but they generally don’t get heart disease, except when they move to places like America. Then, some of them get heart disease and some of them don’t. When epidemiologists have looked closer, they have found that the difference has nothing to do with diet.

Some have heart disease that mirrors the American level of heart disease and some don’t. Some have heart disease that is as low as in Japan. It has nothing to do with diet. It does not matter if they eat tofu and sushi or Big Macs and fries. The only thing that matters is whether they recreate the close community ties that they had in the old country. Those people who were clustered in community had no heart disease no matter what they are or how much they smoked.

Scientists have also found that it may not matter if you are born with a bad roll of the dice genetically. In one study, scientists from Northwestern University looked at people who have a gene that predisposes them to depression. They compared people from East Asia, who tend to cluster in closer social units, with people in America. Even though the people in East Asia had the depression gene, they were far less likely to get depression than people in America without that gene. The fact that they could expect close social support overwrote their genetic expression.

McTaggart started the Intention Experiment to learn what happens when more than one person is focusing intention and thought. What happens if the effect is magnified? Intention experiments were run with noted scientists, including Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona, Fritz Popp and a number of other scientists from Penn State University and the University of California. Experiments have been done with leaves, seeds and other biological processes, water, lowering violence, and trying to cure people of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Twenty-five of the twenty-nine experiments run to date have shown positive, measurable, mostly significant effects. The International Peace Intention Experiment has been run four times: in Sri Lanka, lower Afghanistan, two provinces of Afghanistan and also around the US Congress.

Looking at the data two years before and several months after, they demonstrated a marked lowering of violence every time. However, the most interesting part of the story is the major change reported by the participants. They were more peaceful in their lives. They were closer to strangers, to loved ones. They healed their relationships. They talked about new life purpose.

A study of Oxford rowers showed that when they row together, they have a higher pain threshold than when they row alone. Rowing together, working together as a team also raises everyone’s immune system, and raises everyone’s game.

Another interesting study focused on the power of WE affirmations. Affirmations such as, “I am beautiful today, everything I do is wonderful, I do well in my job today” are well known. Some scientists wanted to look into what happens when athletes do WE affirmation for the whole team rather than for themselves alone. They found that when they used a WE affirmation, it was much more powerful, and they all did better individually than when they used individual affirmations using I.


Don’t play small when it comes to medicine; don’t play small when it comes to your work; don’t play small when it comes to paradigm-shifting, because all it takes is the decision that it doesn’t have to be like this, not for one more day.”

More information is available in the full transcript of Lynn’s talk in this course, as well as in her books,

  • The Field,
  • The Bond, and
  • The Intention Experiment.


Science of Energy Healing Course | Lynn McTaggart | 2016

Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology |

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