“Becoming Is Strife.

Life as we know it, our daily life, is a process of becoming.

I am poor and I act with an end in view, which is to become rich. I am ugly and I want to become beautiful. Therefore my life is a process of becoming something.

The will to be is the will to become, at different levels of consciousness, in different states, in which there is challenge, response, naming, and recording.

Now, this becoming is strife, this becoming is pain, it is not? It is a constant struggle: I am this, and I want to become that.”


– J. Krishnamurti, The Book of Life


Doesn’t have to be that way.

We are already what we are meant to be under our current circumstances. We don’t need to become something else. That’s authenticity, to live and show up as we really are at the moment, now.

Change is always happening, so we evolve and change but as a natural result of the experience of living.

Flow with the wind of creativity avoiding any struggle, war or resistance.




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