Joy vs. Pleasure

Joy is different from pleasure

“When you look at a cloud and a leaf it is a pleasure to look, the beauty of anything is a pleasure, but to carry it over to the next day, then pain begins. Joy is something entirely different from pleasure. You can invite pleasure, you can think about it, sustain it, nourish it, seek it out, pursue it, hold it; but you cannot with joy, with ecstasy, and that happens naturally, easily, without any invitation, this ecstasy, when you understand fear and pleasure.”

– J. Krishnamurti, Talks and Dialogues Sydney 1970, p 44



Pleasure and pain are opposites. However, they are made of the same stuff: emotion. They are the two poles of the same thing. Usually, people   use pleasure as an equivalent of joy in the same way that happiness and pleasure are misused.

We are always looking for pleasure and running away from pain with the erroneous understanding that it is the way to happiness and joy but there is no connection between one and the other.

Joy arise from deep knowledge and understanding of who and what we really are and living everyday life based on that awareness. It’s a state of being not a continuous search for limited and fleeing sense indulgence which is never quenched.



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