Eastern + Western

There has been always a dilema and a controversy about eastern and western societies.  

There are differences between the two in their respective cultural roots. Those differences are the source of the difference in  mentality which gives birth to different points of view. 

Each one of them, eastern and western, hold different perspectives about how they view and how they approach simple and complex aspects of life. 

Therefore, that’s why to eastern societies spirituality and attention to the unmeasurable is the core for people whereas to the western societies, science and attention to the measurable is the main mindset.

However, if we expand our vision outside of both views we can see that one is the opposite of the other. That is polarity. The two poles should coexist, even more, should work together and be in harmony and equilibrium just as they do to create electricity, magnetism,  a new creation like a work of art of any kind, a baby, a plant, an animal or any other sentient being. The list can go on and on from physical things to emotional, mental or energetic manifestations. 

Science and spirituality can be reconciled and should be to get love and peace. Western and eastern should too for peace and love to be born, for the world to “be as one”, as Lennon said.


“Western science should take over the whole world as far as science is concerned.
Eastern religiousness should take over the whole world as far as religion is concerned.
And that’s what I mean when I say science and religion are two aspects of one thing.
The West has worked on the objective truth.
The East has worked on the subjective truth.
The East has poured its whole energy into that dimension, just as the West has poured its energy into the objective direction. Now, both have found great treasures. It is good that they should share their treasures. In that sharing the world will become one; and of course in that sharing much will be destroyed – in the East and in the West. But it needs to be destroyed. It has no right to exist. If it cannot face the truth then why go on clinging to it because it is Eastern or because it is Western?”

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