Two Living Flames: Life and You.

We are observers of life flowing, any guidance included. We are alone with our observations and our power of decision making, our power of choice. We can do something or not do it, which is also doing. We can follow a path suggested only if we choose to do it.

We are in control and in command of our lives, even if this is not realized. It doesn’t matter if it is understood or not, life has its rules and ways of functioning.

The tools we use to understand our experiences and deal with them is just the experiences accumulated through our lives. Each experience, even the minutest, has left an impression in us. Those impressions act as screens to sort out new circumstances and situations and they become the glasses and lenses, pinky or darkly colored, through which we see the world of our daily lives.

When one understand something, anything, even the tiniest event of life, the consciousness of that one expands. It’s a lonely and individual expansion.

Life is vibration manifested in every form. We are vibration. To come together we must match life’s vibration. Then we fall in love with life, we let go, we allow ourselves to participate with it and effectively flow.

Resonance will happen when we vibrate adequately to the vibration of life as we dance with it.

We need to look for inspiration in every movement that life offers to us as all actions are valid because they are all just life’s experiences we managed to be involved in. Is up to us to catch the frequency of the vibration of each moment, as it happens now, now, now. Precisely, in the now is where our life happens, not in the past nor in the future.

In any action is included the wright and the wrong, the good and the not so good, in all the colors of the spectrum possible. Is our responsibility to “get the point”  in any circumstance and to separate the valuable for our evolution and for the expansion of our consciousness.

Good or bad are relative classifications dependent of time and space.

“All guidance is bogus. It is exploitation. The real thing never comes through practice, through discipline.

The real thing only happens between two living flames.

All that is needed is that those two living flames should come closer.

Now, coming closer is not a discipline. It is a love affair, it is not a practice.

That’s why I say that religion is a love affair, a love affair with existence itself.”


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