Awareness Quotes

Every day is an opportunity to make a choice to change your life. It is up to you.
If you want to experience abundance in your life, practice gratitude.
You have chosen a role to play. You can change that role any time you like.
Everything and everyone is one. But that does not mean you are not unique. You are like a wave in the ocean. You are the individual wave but you are also the entire ocean. Everything you do affects everyone and everything.
It is not that you can’t be an artist, or musician, or sing or whatever you want to do. Of course you can’t see how to do it right now because your brain has not been wired for those tasks. But neurons can be connected that were not connected before and you can develop any ability you want. Just like any computer can be programmed to do a task so can your brain. It really is an amazing process. You will see more and then more and then even more. The feeling is indescribable as you see what you thought was impossible become possible.

           -Paradigm Shift

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