Think and examine for a moment (searching on Google for their meaning) the following words that bring joy with them:

  • enthusiasm
  • eagerness
  • excitement
  • thrill
  • elation
  • delight
  • exhilaration
  • pleasure
  • joy
  • laugh
  • smile
  • joke


As you search for the meanings for the first time, wright them down and the exercise will be easier next time.

As you go reviewing the meaning of each word, feel the emotion that is evoked in you and apply that emotion to something important you want to manifest in your life. Let your imagination fly and let it take you with it.

Repeat the exercise as much as you want. Do it whenever or wherever you want to feel better. It could take a minute or two and if you wish to get more involved with the effects you get, take more time to dwell in the examination of each one.

Feel free, you’re in charge.

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