Emotional Turbulence

The greatest of all obstacles to individual growth towards our source is negative emotion. An emotion which don’t serve to my purpose is called “negative”, and becomes an obstruction in my way to set myself free. If a human being is able to get the control of emotions will have the path cleared to advance at ease to alignment with self and ultimately, Source. 

With emotions under our control we can’t have psycological issues and our life journey would be flowing naturally easy. Self help books like “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Coleman, have their target on emotions as a way to better our life experience which eventually might lead to transcendence.

“Negative energy within ourselves is destructive. Emotional turbulence is a major barrier to the spontaneous fulfillment of desire, but it is possible to transform negative energy into a higher level of awareness.

 The word moksha means “freedom.” It expresses “I am emotionally free. My soul is disengaged from melodrama. I am free from resentment, grievances, hostility and guilt. I am free of self importance. I am free of self-concern. I am free of self-pity. I can laugh at myself. I see humor in life.
The are really only two emotions: pleasure and pain -either it feels good or it hurts. Must people believe that the two fundamental emotions are love and fear, but these are really the ways we respond to the potential of pleasure and pain. Love means we want to get closer to it because we think it will bring us pleasure. Fear means we want to move away because we think it will bring pain.
We spend our lives seeking pleasure and avoiding pain. The things that bring pleasure or pain are different for each of us. Pleasure and pain flow from the needs that you have.”

    – Deepak Chopra, The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire.

So, acknowledge your emotions and let go those which are not in alignment with your best interests. It’s not an easy task, however must be a full-time job to better our life experience with every passing day.

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