The Role of Emotions

In our daily lives and in our whole lives our emotions play an absolutely  determinant role. Is one of the two key ingredients to the manifestation of our reality, the creation of what happens to us in the present moment, the other one being the thoughts we keep in our minds. Both aspects of our ability to create, as humans, always act in tandem, that is, simultaneously in order for manifestation to happen.

If we want to manifest the circumstances we want in our lives we need to use our will power to manage those to key ingredients to work in the direction of the fulfillment of our desires. This means think deliberately the thoughts related to the circumstances we want to be manifested in our lives and at the same time feel the emotions, recreate the feelings, that those circumstances will bestow to us once attained. In other words we need to live each circumstance as already attained.

However, before this happens most of the times we face resistance mainly in the form of emotions opposite to the thoughts related to the things wanted. Those opposite emotions are commonly known as negative emotions and are called “negative” precisely because they act as obstacles for our desires to come to fruition.

The manifestation of desires is what causes happiness, the state of joy that is the ultimate goal of life. Therefore, what we feel at any moment must be the sensor, the compass needle, the navigation system to guide our way the to fill our lives with joy.

So, the obstacles to get the state of joy should be taken out of the way although almost always those obstacles, which are the negative emotions, come from the recreation or reenacting of old conditionings sitting in our subconscious mind that trigger the emotions felt in special unique moments in our early lives, including prenatal time.

To heal or to amend those conditionings we should integrate them by bringing them to our conscious awareness and commune with them through understanding. To do it we can use the same guiding system used to get joy which is the attention to how we are feeling at a given moment.

Is the same “device” being used in opposite directions: felling good or feeling bad. If it is used in the direction of feeling good and we follow its guidance we get more and more joy. If it is used in the direction of feeling bad and we follow it then eventually we can get the root of a negative emotion and therefore could work with it to heal it and integrate it, with the final result being the outstanding achievement of getting an obstacle out of the way of attaining joy in live.

I recommend seeing a video regarding the healing of emotions and how we can work with ourselves on a daily basis in this matter. The video is 34 minutes long but if you don’t have the time now you can set a time later to watch it in full while being in a relaxed mood. The title of the video is:

How To Heal The Emotional Body and is presented by one of my favorites consciousness expanding individuals of today, Teal Swan.

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