Consciousness: The Key To Reality

There are three levels of existence as they are described by Deepak Chopra in his book “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing The Infinite Power of Coincidence”.

The first level of existence is the physical or material, the perceivable universe where we live our everyday lives.
The second level of existence is the quantum world. The one of mind and thoughts that is pure energy and information. Can not be perceived by our very well known five senses which are the normal way we have to interpret the information our surrounding reality is continually and endlessly offering us. 
Due to the limited range of operation of our five senses the information that reach our brain and our consciousness is consequently very limited as they act as filters.
The third level of existence is the world of non local intelligence which is pure consciousness. Non local means that is not confined by space or time, that is, operates beyond space-time.
Is from this level of existence where the energy and information is organized. This level is the origin of all the forces lying behind all things that exist in the physical level as well as in the quantum level.
To reach the mastery of tapping the third level is the goal and subject of all the works of spiritual elevation and advancement. That’s the way of the inner garden care, the way to “know thyself”.
“Without consciousness acting as an observer and interpreter, everything would exist only as pure potential. That pure potential is the virtual domain, the third level of existence. It is nonlocal and can’t be depleted; it is unending and all-encompassing. Tapping into that potential is what allows us to make miracles.”

                           – Deepak Chopra

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