Let us describe your last day on the job.


There is absolutely no reason today can’t be YOUR day.

The day you start living the life you want to live.

We all live in an equal universe. Every universal law applies to everyone. There are no privileged individuals. Everyone has the exact same right to make their dream come true. Yes, this means you. And yes this means now. Right now.
Imagine your last day on the job.
You knew this day was coming.
You would wake up on Monday morning and realize you had made more money that night while you slept than you were going to make all week at your current job. Your account balances were growing. It was a great feeling to know you could walk into any store and buy anything you wanted. You gave the customary two week notice at your job but you end up working an extra month just to help out. You didn’t mind. Now that the job wasn’t a factor in your life the stress it caused was no longer there. You were going to miss the friends you made at work but you knew you could come back and visit any time you wanted. Time was not a big rush for you anymore. On your last day they take you out for dinner. Although it is your going away dinner you decide to pick up the tab. Why not? You will have made more money while just sitting at that table eating dinner than the cost of the bill. You say your goodbye’s and it is sad but you are still excited. You know in just two days you are going to be flying to your favorite location in the entire world with the person you love the most in the entire world. You plan on staying at least two weeks. But who knows? You may stay longer. Or go somewhere else and do something amazing. The typical constraints most of the world put on themselves were not yours anymore. You had the freedom to choose. Finally you could do whatever you want, whenever you want.
This isn’t just a made up story. This is my story. This is exactly what happened when I left the world most are stuck in behind. This can be your story too. If you can answer yes to this next question then I 100% guarantee this is also your story. Are you subject to the law of gravity? If so you are subject to the laws of the universe. And there is no way this cannot be your story too. ”

From: paradigmshifttoday.com

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