How To Manifest Abundance

“Manifesting is easy. Everyone manifests all the time. The sad fact is most people are really good at manifesting what they don’t want.
To manifest abundance you have to keep your mind on the abundance you want and off everything else. This is very hard to do because during the course of the day your mind has over 50,000 thoughts. Most of these thoughts are useless and repetitive. Most of these thoughts you don’t want running through your head.
The concept is simple but in practice it becomes hard because our minds want to run wild. We may start out keeping our minds on something we want to manifest like abundance but then during the course of the day our thoughts drift.
But that is only half of the problem.
To really manifest abundance we must use our hearts as well. We must create a feeling of well-being with our hearts. This will create an electromagnetic field which will align itself with the universe which will in turn align itself with our intent.
Now we go back to the 50,000 thoughts which our interrupting our intent. Not only are these 50,000 thoughts keeping our minds off what we want but also our heart from feeling what we need to feel to manifest abundance.
The heart and the mind have to work in union. If they are not working together we will not manifest abundance.
Most people do not manifest abundance because they can’t go through the course of the day and keep their mind on what they want to and their heart feeling the necessary emotions. They think they are not manifesting. But they are. You are constantly manifesting those things which hold your attention the most.
Until you find a way to control your mind and center on your heart you will be at the mercy of the 50,000 thoughts you have everyday. Thoughts you are unaware of. This truly puts you at the mercy of the unknown.
Learn to control your thoughts and you can manifest abundance today.”


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