Proof of the Law of Attraction


“We are all beings of energy. We send out vibrations and attract back to us similar vibrations. These vibrations manifest themselves into our physical reality.
Here is a cool example to prove like vibrations attract.
You will need a guitar (in tune.)
The top guitar string when plucked by iteslf will produce a vibration creating what we hear as the note E.
The second string from the top when plucked by itself will produce a vibration creating what we hear as the note A.
If you press the top string at the fifth fret and pluck the string it will now produce the note A. Remember the second string is already an A by itself.
Pluck the top string while pressing it down on the fifth fret and produce an A, then lightly touch the second string which is already an A.
The second string is vibrating!
It is vibrating because its frequency has been matched. Touch the other strings. They are not vibrating. Their frequency is not a match.
It’s the same with our minds. Our minds send out frequencies based on what we are thinking and the emotions those thoughts produce.
Just like on the guitar, “pluck” a frequency in our mind and instantly similar frequencies will start to respond. Keep plucking the same frequency and its physical counterpart has to manifest. That is why we call it the LAW of attraction.”


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