Importance of Water in Life

Are we hydrated enough?

For that to be right, we need to replenish the water lost all the time along the day in different ways. Not a big deal, just to drink a sip of water every one or two hours, depending on the conditions of the environment that surrounds us and the level of activity we are engaged in. The rule of thumb is not waiting to be thirsty to drink water. Once the sensation of being thirsty is felt, the process of dehydration has been already under way. Is like the light on the dashboard indicating that the minimum allowable level has been reached.

We need to remember always  that our physical bodies are 65 to 75 % water, and it will be functioning efficiently if that proportion is maintained. Of course, the water used to replenish should be pure. Most of the so called potable water are treated in almost all cities with chemicals not found in the water running in natural undisturbed streams and springs, like chlorine and fluorine.

After pure  air for breathing, which is the number one, pure water is the most important element in our physical bodies. We can tell by the amount of time that a human being can survive without air or water. Caring about those two elements is the best we can do to have healthy bodies.


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