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Energy Out of Water

Clean energy is available and always has been. We need to support the implementation of system and methods to get it and affordable for everybody. Support will put away the obstacles of economic interests leading to a sustainable better life … Continue reading

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Thinking and being positive with proactive positive actions pays off. It will turn into a loop feedback which is also called a virtuous cycle being that the opposite of a vicious cycle when all things start going in a negative direction. … Continue reading

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Tears can be examined under microscope and can be found that not all tears are created equal. Rose-Lynn Fisher has done it. Take a look at her website and see her amazing discovery. Tears

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Marriage Between Thought and Emotion

Affirmations are thoughts put into words either written or spoken and they are born or come from the mind. Emotions on the other hand has nothing to do with words or thoughts. Energetically the affirmations are related to the three … Continue reading

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