The Message, The Messenger and The Receiver.

Every moment we are able to receive information conveying messages from different sources in different ways.

Sometimes the messenger is someone or some circumstance seeming simple or irrelevant at first sight.

Sometimes is a very well known and famous source from the present or the past. Could be a scientific source, a philosophical source, a political or economical source, a religious source, an educational source.

The message related to a theme or topic could be the same only with a different form, approach, extension or deepness, no matter if it’s coming from one source or another.

The language or the way to convey the information can be different depending on the target people to whom the message behind the information is aimed to.

It doesn’t matter the source, the ultimate responsibility in the final step of the process of communication of an idea rests on the side of the people receiving it because it depends on the freedom of choice, the will power and the level of understanding of the receiving individuals.

The individual level of understanding is defined by how sharp the “eyes to see” and the “ears to listen” one person has.

In the final analysis, nobody is capable of teaching anything. Instead, everyone is capable of learning depending on the eagerness, the inspiration, the focus of attention and the unique and continually changing individual vibration.

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One Response to The Message, The Messenger and The Receiver.

  1. Seeker ... says:

    Very interesting and profound … we are all capable of learning if it is our desire to do so. As has been said, “when the student is ready the teacher appears”.


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