Economic growth beyond consumerism

What’s needed?

There must be a change of goal on the people who invent new things.

There must be a change of goal on the people who produce the invented things, new and old.

Until now the goal has been mostly to make money, to become rich, no matter if there is not a real need for some product or if the need has already been fulfilled and in the latter is where the goal to compete arrives with all the egoistic goals and forces carried along with it.

There must be a change of goal on the people who may use the produced things. Here we are talking about the concept of need and maybe this is the most important element of the equation and the most complex and difficult to grasp because of the relativity involved for everyone at the moment of analyzing the issue. That’s why a shift in the way buyers think of something as important is a key point. This will include to think about why to get one product and what will be fulfilled by getting it and weighing the resulting thoughts to get a balanced decision about getting it or not.

We shouldn’t expect the change to come from inside of the system operating at the present. People have to come by themselves to the analysis of what is truly important in their lives to be considered as a need. After that happen the person start to consume in a conscious and categorized way becoming a means to regulate and decide what is going to be put on the production line and that is what eventually will lead to an efficient use of the resources.

That way whenever and wherever will be necessary the production increase and economic growth will happen beyond consumerism.

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