Food Chain Connects Species

“We are not only eating ‘materials’, we are also eating ‘information'”

  “Scientists have discovered that plants and mammals exchange their genetic codes. With food, we consume not only nutrients but also information…”

“The detection of plant miRNAs in human tissues surprised biologists. After all, alien plant genes taken with food must be broken down during digestion, metabolism, and molecular decomposition in our internal tissues and fluids, which are under control of the human DNA.”

“As it turned out, ‘plant’ genes can reprogram certain human genes, change their function, and thus regulate the physiology of the person who consumed them.”

“The formula ‘you are what you eat’ makes sense not only in metabolism, but also in the exchange of genetic codes. Food, it turns out, is the chain of communication between all parts of nature.”

Study by Chen-Yu Zhang at Nanjing University School of Life Sciences , China

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