The Future Of Government

Opinion: (Ian Pearson, futurist): “[Government’s] responsibilities will remain, but all of them will be subject to change brought about by new technologies.

Governments have traditionally had sharp teeth to enforce their decisions, but the spread of the Internet and social networking tools has removed some of the significance of geography, and given new power to individual citizens. Governments are discovering everywhere that they are becoming more accountable, whether they like it or not. Their limited jurisdiction is also becoming obvious.

“However, we will still have geographic government, and communication between government and citizen may improve. …But if they genuinely do care what we think other than election time, I believe we could go further to make a more responsive democracy. If we wanted, we could allow each citizen to have their preferences on important issues stored in a database, an electronic shadow, suitably anonymous to everyone else of course. Government would then know all the time what the electorate want. Referenda could be instant… Democracy is very much a compromise kind of government and it wouldn’t be good to take it too far in terms of letting everyone decide everything.

“But it is certain that government will change a lot. We will be forced into more global cooperation for a range of things. …Maybe there won’t be a full world government, but maybe also we will see a jigsaw being built of all of these different pieces, and if we assemble them correctly, there is yet some potential benefit.”

My Comment: Society develops under objective laws of nature, just like any other population, so we don’t have to guess—nature has a precise and specific plan to bring us to a unified global integral system of relationships. The Internet will become one of the decisive tools in this development. Certainly, gradual change of the economy of the transition period to the economy of a new world will form the basis of all changes.

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