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Theories Evolve

Reality doesn’t change. Only our perception of it does.

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Unity As The Method Of Solving The Crisis

Opinion: (Former U.K. Prime Minister James Gordon Brown): “‘There will be no climate-change agreement either, even though nuclear worries are escalating and the case for low-carbon investment becomes more obvious by the day. Nor will there be sufficient global support for the … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown Outlines Plan To Shape The First Global Society – Gordon Brown define un proyecto para estructurar la primera sociedad global

In the News (from The Times Online): “The special relationship is going global” Historians will look back and say this was an unprecedented period of global change. The scale and the speed of the global banking crisis have at times been almost … Continue reading

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Gordon Brown Is Like A Doctor With No Means To Treat The Illness – Gordon Brown es como un doctor sin los medios para tratar la enfermedad

A question I received: Gordon Brown recently gave a speech before the United States Congress where he spoke for forty minutes about the need for a global world and a global economy. He said the new economy should be built by … Continue reading

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European Banks: The Mistrust Grows In Expectation Of The New Wave Of Crisis – Los bancos europeos: Crece la desconfianza en espera de la nueva ola de la crisis

In the News (From “Against the background of the debt crisis in Europe is a growing distrust among banks. They borrow less money…. “The mistrust of banks taking each other for the assessment European Central Bank, given the debt crisis … Continue reading

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What Is Equality? – ¿Qué es la igualdad?

Equality is when every one of us has equal opportunities, meaning the conventional, individual opportunity to express ourselves properly in the collective, integrated system, the opportunity to receive and bestow, and to be balanced with the others. It’s the same as … Continue reading

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France’s Richest Say: “Please Tax Us!” – Los ricos de Francia dicen: ¡Por favor que nos cobren impuestos!

In the News (From BBC News): “Some of France’s wealthiest people have called on the government to tackle its deficit by raising taxes – on the rich. Sixteen executives, including Europe’s richest woman, the L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, offered in an … Continue reading

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World Bank President: We Are Moving Into A “New And More Dangerous Phase” Of The Crisis – El presidente del Banco Mundial: Estamos en camino a “una nueva y más peligrosa fase” de la crisis

In the News (From “The world has moved into a ‘new and more dangerous phase’ of economic uncertainty because of the European sovereign debt crisis, according to World Bank president Robert Zoellick. “Despite decades of fixing problems at the top … Continue reading

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The World Crisis Will Continue To Grow

The world financial crisis expands on a daily basis and nobody among the human society leaders seems to know  what to do in order to correct the system. Everybody pledges for actions to fix the problems but nobody offers specific … Continue reading

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We Are Living in Exponential Times

          This are facts presented in statistical form. Check out this video and some others with different information of the same kind and orientation. It’s amazing and really eyes opening.  

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