What Kids Really Want

what kids really wantSo what does the younger generation really want?

Lately it seems like more and more teens on the verge of becoming adults no longer want a career, fame or respect. Sometimes it seems like they do not want anything at all.

Nowadays children begin to feel unfulfilled at a very young age. This is due to an imbalance between their mental-emotional development and their physiology-sexual development. There is also the problem of media and fashion and anything else that influences children and gets them out of balance. On the one hand they are still young because they are really only kids, and on the other, a girl is being treated suddenly as a woman and a boy is required to act like someone much more developed.

We no longer know how to deal with the younger generation and this is a major problem. It is not the same as the father-son struggle that existed in every generation. We need to see this problem from the perspective of the general crisis we are currently in. It is no longer the same problem because it is not about a person developing and the next generation being slightly more developed than the previous one. The next generation will always have more demands, but of the same nature: a different culture, education, something to enhance their current state at a higher level. But now we are dealing with something completely different. Teens do not want this world. They want something of an entirely different essence.

Parents and educators do not understand this because they are from the previous generation. That is why they do not know how to satisfy the current one. The following generation will be even worse off because we have not begun preparing teachers for the next generation and by then the gap will have widened even more. They will be left without an education system, without a system for dealing with children. On the one hand it sounds terrible to think that there will not be any educators but perhaps there is a silver lining to this cloud hanging over us. Maybe there really needs to be a break between one generation and another so as to produce unbiased people.

Here is what we are suggesting: Rather than simply filling kids with information that was enough for our generation, we need to provide the next generation with a global mindset for enabling sustainability in tomorrow’s global village. Now more than ever it is clear that when something happens on one side of the world, it affects all the other parts. Youngsters all over the world need to be connected to collaborate on the next stage of our existence together. They need to have a vital role in society and must be organized in a way to contribute to the well-being of others. They need to be involved in real world issues and not treated as children.

ARI Institute.

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