The Prospects Of The Crisis

Question: How do you see the prospects of the world’s stock markets?

Answer: I am in no way an economist, so this question should not be addressed to me. I will only say that the world is starting to get tired of whatever is happening, and the fact that people have a bad feeling is not a good sign. The mood is getting worse. Optimists are disappearing; people no longer believe in the abilities of politicians, trust in them is exhausted; no one expects normalization; there is a constant threat of new bankruptcies; everyone is depressed.

As Ezra Klein writes in The Washington Post, no one knows where the economic recovery will come from, but one can tell for sure where it will not: neither from the US, Europe, Japan, nor China, the economy of which “has overheated” and where the authorities only dream of a “soft landing,” in other words, they are afraid of bankruptcy and public unrest.

For now the feeling is that we have gotten accustomed to the crisis, but this is temporarynature will compel us to wise up and become similar to it. We must become one whole with the environment. And this is attained between people by observing the condition of the mutual guarantee: a good-hearted connection and relating of nature like to oneself.  In this case the world will attain harmony, balance, and it will reign between us.

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One Response to The Prospects Of The Crisis

  1. I’m not sure China fears bankruptcy, more that it fears the transition from a cheap manufacturing economy to a quality producer through to a creative economy, which has historically involved losing a lot of low skilled jobs and that’s a major problem when most of the population is in those roles with not much hope of moving further up the food chain in the first instance of mechanisation…


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