Will Israel Be Next To Fall Victim To The “Revolution Business”?

In the news: With the global crisis looming in the background, some parties are attempting to transform the world and occupy strategic positions before the world enters a new geopolitical reality. There is a new product on the global market: a revolution in any country of choice.

The CANVAS organization, an elite provider of revolutions, will arrange everything in the best possible way. Its revolutions are completely convincing, its technologies universal, and effective in any location.

The work of the CANVAS professionals is perfectly official. They used to be funded by theUSA government, but now the money comes through sponsors who are indirectly connected to the USA.

S. Popovic, one of the organization’s leaders, openly admits that his “firm” has held five successful revolutions even before the rise of the “Arab spring.”

The offered product allows entire regions to be thrown into chaos, and then, using their weakness, to establish power over them using economic, political, and military levers.

My Comment: Only the understanding of the need to unite (mutual guarantee) above all of the conflicts will produce a positive result. Otherwise people will end up in a great tragedy.

Unlike all other countries, Israel has the antidote – unification! If we unite, then the upper force will emerge in the nation of Israel, and then nothing will be able to harm it. Besides, it has no other choice. It faces the threat of total annihilation or total redemption. There are no other alternatives.

Posted on August 13th, 2011 at 8:46 pm / laitman.com

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