Why Are The Rioters So Aggressive?

Question: Where do the rioters and pillagers in England and earlier – in France, get such a huge force of aggression?

Answer: For the first time in history, the young generation, along with the previous generation – their parents, both realize that the young generation will have a worse life than the previous. And moreover, it’s uncertain whether it will live at all and for how long.

People have always believed that “our children will be better off than we are.” Particularly from the middle of the 20th century on, the following generation lived much better than the previous. But this tendency ended with the completion of egoism’s growth and its closure into an integral system, which we do not correspond to. Therefore, we do not know how to live from here on.

An enormous feeling of uncertainty has emerged, which evokes feelings of fear and then aggression, and the willingness to make any actions just to bring what is happening to light. The solution to the problem lies in upbringing, meaning an explanation of the fact that if we become similar to nature, we become omnipotent like it.

Equivalence to nature means bringing our involuntary, egoistic unification to a voluntary, altruistic, mutual one, until we reach universal love. Inside that love, we will reveal our eternity and perfection, which are present in nature’s very foundation.

Posted on August 13th, 2011 at 9:12 pm / laitman.com

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One Response to Why Are The Rioters So Aggressive?

  1. truelibertarian says:

    I disagree. Aggression is not a logical conclusion of fear or uncertainty. The violence is pure opportunism. The robbery is not spawning from anything but selfishness. The violence is somewhat related, as it’s coming from people who realize that the current economic state is denying them control of their own lives, and the resultant helplessness causes them to desire power. Violence makes you feel powerful. Spain is much worse off than England, and it’s not nearly as violent.


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