There Won’t Be Any Changes For The Better

Editorial in the news (by M. Hazin, an economist): There cannot be any changes for the better in the world as long as it is governed by the current political elite. The business groups of the West already understand this. Granted, it is possible to remove the current elite, but a more difficult question is: Who can they be replaced with?

This is precisely the main problem of most countries in the world today. And people won’t be able to solve it until the consequences of the crisis become revealed to the fullest. In any case, according to the latest American statistics, we won’t have to wait long!

My Comment: Michael Hazin is my long-time personal acquaintance and a famous, realistic forecaster of the world’s economic development. He and I have shared the same opinion on the world’s development for the last 5 years.

It is necessary to create a new, integral opinion among the governing elite because not only will all of the specialists of the “old world,” with their outdated, individualistic, egoistic approach fail to solve a single problem, but they will also bring the economies of their countries and the whole world to a greater depression yet.

Therefore, it is necessary to teach economists to think integrally, and most important, to imbue them with a mindset of mutual guarantee so they could change the economy of the old world to the economy of the new world – the economy of mutual guarantee.

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