Mass Rally On Wall Street

In the News (From “Activists held a rally at Bowling Green near Wall Street against proposed budget cuts aimed at social programs such as food stamps. Banks and financial institutions were also targeted.

The event was billed as ‘A people’s general assembly,’ and planned by the bloombergville group, which organized a City Hall protest in June of this year.

From the Bloombergville site: ‘The current depression-level crisis is not due to lack of revenue. It’s due to theft. The trillions that the banks are sitting on right now? That’s our money. Whether through taxes; the looting of pension and social security contributions; or the wealth we created from our labor – all of that belongs to us.’”

‘’The general sentiment here is that we think a people’s movement is needed to fight back, so we can take control of the things that affect our lives, every level of government,’ said protester Larry Hales.” (Source:

My Comment: As the world becomes more and more integral—round, interconnected, the power of the government decreases, and the power of the “round” masses becomes more apparent because they are closer and more similar to integral nature.

The objective is correct: to take control over one’s life, but to do this, it is necessary to know the laws that operate in the world today. Due to being ignorant of these laws, the governments and those who will inherent them will make a terrible mistake again. Kabbalah talks about this (see my 3rd lecture in Bremen, Germany).

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