Learning To Live Within The Means

Opinion: (А.Turkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Richford Group, abireg.ru): “The European Union is a very strange formation. …a single currency without a common fiscal policy is impossible. Greece is destroying the foundations of European integration with their unwillingness to live within their means…. It outrages the thrifty citizens of Benelux and Germany….

“They will not let Greece go bankrupt, but once the world economic crisis is over, they will stop bothering with it….

“Virtually all developed countries face a difficult situation with their public finances. Japan’s debt is more than two GDPs, the US debt equals its GDP.” Belgium and Italy are immersed in problems.

“The majority of countries will soon start learning how to live within their means.”

My Comment: Countries and nations will discover more and more unwanted interdependence. And no action to move away and be independent of each other will help them. It will be the other way around. They will discover increasing interdependence. They can’t go back to being isolated!

They can, however, go forward, toward improving the quality of their relationship, understanding what is happening, learning the natural social phenomena, and consciously realizing communication laws in the modern integral society. Study the sources!

Posted: 11 Aug 2011 09:02 AM PDT / laitman.com

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