Learn To Live In Balance With Nature

Question: What is nature, and what does it mean to be in balance with it?

Answer: We exist in nature. A huge number of parameters influence us, such as temperature, pressure, various vibrations, all kinds of waves, radioactivity, and others. We must exist in balance with all these natural phenomena.

This is the physical law: A body that exists in a state of balance with its environment is in its most comfortable state. If the temperature, pressure, or other parameters rise even a little, I feel bad. If they drop a little, I also feel bad.

This is how I am created in this nature: I can exist in nature within certain boundaries, and within these boundaries, I must make myself equivalent to the surrounding nature. That is why in winter, I need to dress warmly to be in balance with nature, and in summer, it’s the opposite, and so on.

This pertains to the part we can see, but there is also a part of nature we can’t see. It consists of the laws of desires, laws of our desired development, that is, moral laws. Man must conform to these as well, to be in balance with them.

We don’t know these laws. We think that we’re so good in this world if we give donations, help the poor, don’t bother anyone, pay our taxes, help old ladies across the street, or whatever you can imagine. Is that not enough?

Not only is that not enough, it doesn’t count for anything at all because I only do what I think and understand with my egoistic mind. In order to do what I need to, I must study nature itself and to aspire to be similar to it.

This law of similarity is the only law I need to obey. Every day I change, grow, and become someone else. It follows that every day, at all times, I must correct and adjust my balance with nature.

To that end, we first must learn the demands that nature or the Creator (it doesn’t matter what we call it) presents to us, the extent to which we conform to these demands, and how to achieve balance. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about: What the surrounding nature is, what we are, in what sense we do not correspond with nature, based on what parameters, and how can we achieve balance with them. That is what the entire wisdom amounts to.

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 02:48 PM PDT / laitman.com


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2 Responses to Learn To Live In Balance With Nature

  1. Jaydee says:

    Thanks for the ingsiht. It brings light into the dark!


  2. Velvet says:

    So true. Hontesy and everything recognized.


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