What Can Replace Money?

Question: Newspapers say that the terrorist who committed a horrible crime in Norway was addicted to cruel computer games and shows about serial killers. Why don’t the people of the world understand such a small, trivial concept that modern media is creating these killers and putting psychopathic thoughts into their heads? After all, this is so clear….

Answer: The world is ruled by people who know how to earn money. They are the ones who rule the courts, the systems of education and upbringing, and the governments. And they don’t plan on “closing shop” once they make money. It’s profitable for them to create yellow press and sensations that trick people, to write about terrorists and to eavesdrop on victims of terrorist acts in order to make money off them. It’s profitable for them to produce and sell as much weaponry as possible to maintain hotbeds of wars and hostilities. And it’s profitable for them to put out “special edition” news about tragedies and catastrophes.

They don’t care about anything. Each of them wants to earn from what’s his. One produces and sells weapons, and another organizes eavesdropping and gathers materials so he can sell all kinds of information even if it is shocking and unacceptable for public disclosure.

Behind all of these occurrences stands someone’s net profit. The people who receive this profit are in control of the mass media, the government, and commerce, and as a result, our world appears the way it does.

After all, there is an enormous amount of people in the world who think exclusively about money. They don’t feel anything else. The issue here is not cynicism because a cynic realizes that there is something greater here, but looks down on it. A person who makes a profit does not look down on anything. He is just not aware of it. His range of perception is very narrow, he is entirely engulfed by one activity and nothing else exists for him.

Therefore, these people are very powerful. That’s because in essence, they have just one desire. If they need the government’s cooperation to make a profit, then they implant themselves in the government. If they need an army, they implant themselves into the army. If they need the police, they implant into the police. If they need the central newspaper to write what they want, then they buy the newspaper. Behind the scenes, everything belongs to them.

Therefore, it’s profitable for these people to have an environment with an up-to-date sensibility and pleasures that are dictated to it. Precisely these people form the public opinion, turning it toward cruelty, drugs, prostitution, terrorism, and so on. It’s not that the governments are weak compared to them, but that they act conjointly.

The issue at stake is money, and money is power. Let’s see how weak money will now prove itself to be. But what will replace it? There has to be a currency, a value, or a measure of a person’s contribution and success. What can you give people instead of “hard cash” by which they measure everything? It is the equivalent and the criterion of any efforts.

Thus, it turns out that we will need “spiritual cash”—the measure of bestowal, the measure of closeness to the Creator. This is what we will use to measure our contributions and our income, while all the material things will be reduced to bare necessity.

In order to make this transition, the world has to turn upside down. For those who hold the wheel today and stand at the head of society, the most important thing is to produce products to profit from. And they will have to fall from their Olympia, or to become corrected and accept the new “currency” as their payment.

Posted: 25 Jul 2011 10:49 AM PDT / laitman.com

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