The West Is Living Beyond Its Means – Occidente está viviendo por encima de sus medios

Opinion: (Philippe Dessertine, Professor of Finance at the University of Paris X-Nanterre and Director of the Institute of High Finance): “Europe continues to tremble. After Ireland, Portugal and Greece, it was the turn of Italy’s third largest economy of the European Union to be hit hard by the crisis of its public debt….

“As for France, it is the next country on the list. The question is not whether we will be affected, but when….

“The euro is clearly threatened if the European Central Bank collapses. This represents both the risk of collapse of international trade and a deep geopoliticalcrisis, which can lead to a world war. This is what happens when states are facing an inability to exchange goods….

“In 2009, it was also a debt crisis, but a private one, which affected banks and caused their failure. We hoped to get away with growth, but it is not at the rendezvous. Today, it is the States that go bankrupt. This insane debt simply reflects the fact that the West is living beyond its means.”

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Opinión: (Philippe Dessertine, profesor de finanzas de la Universidad X-Nanterre de Paris y director del Instituto de Altas Finanzas): En el 2009 hubo una crisis de la deuda privada, la quiebra de los bancos. Hoy tenemos la quiebra de los estados. Francia será el próximo país europeo que tocará la crisis de la deuda. Las crisis de Grecia y de Portugal trascienden más rápido de lo que podríamos creer.

Con respeto a Francia, ella es la próxima en la lista. La pregunta no es si nos tocará la crisis, sino, cuando nos tocará. El caso del “derrumbe” del Banco Central Europeo nos amenaza con el “derrumbe” del comercio internacional y una crisis geopolítica muy profunda que puede llevar a la guerra mundial. Esto ocurre, cuando los estados chocan con la imposibilidad de intercambiar sus mercancías lo cual puede ser posible solo si se dispone de una moneda internacional sana.

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