Everyone Is For Unification, But How Can It Be Done? –

Opinion: (Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Prime minister of the Kingdom Of Spain, International Economic Forum 2011): “If at various times one or another country faces challenges, the other countries support it. It’s a cooperative project; it’s just like living in the same country. This won’t lead to a universal system ruled by competition between countries….

“To be united and supportive. And the past teaches us that we must definitely change the future together….

“History teaches that as long as we are united, we can find better solutions to our problems, can maintain proper levels of prosperity, and can guarantee greater security for our future generations. These are the current conditions in Europe.”

Opinion: (Tarja Halonen, President of the Republic Of Finland, International Economic Forum 2011): “Every country has to do their own homework but together, Europeans are strong. And that is very important.

And that is why I said that I am very, very sure – I am convinced – that we will have the view and we will have the resources to do that. Because we know that in the future, European countries need each other. Only together can we be a global actor.”

Opinion: (Reuters, George Soros, billionaire investor): “The chances of positively resolving Europe’s serious debt problems are decreasing from day to day as authorities focus on ‘buying more time,’ not solving problems, billionaire Investor George Soros said in Tuesday.

‘You have a very serious problem in Europe, the over-indebtedness of some countries: Greece, Portugal and Ireland,’ Soros told an economic conference.

‘The authorities are not providing a solution but basically buying time.’”

My comment: Of course, the development of egoism in us will reveal a general system crisis: the discrepancy between our egoistic relationships and the integral system of nature that we are involuntary “driving into.” But to drive into it in a carriage instead of a hearse, we have to transform ourselves from egoists to altruists, from individualists to brethrens. We hope that people will understand: We must unite, and only our egoism prevents us from doing this.

That is, the solution to the crisis is not on the economic level, but in education and the correction of human nature. However, even if they suspect this, still, they will not be able to find the solution to how to correct our egoism in each person so that we unite into a single system.

Posted: 18 Jul 2011 03:33 PM PDT / laitman.com

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