A Love Triangle: The Husband, The Wife, And The Mother-In-Law – El triangulo amoroso: el esposo, la esposa y la suegra

Question: Why does a woman always have disagreements with her mother-in-law?

Answer: Both of these women have a big desire to have power over the same man. It is known from the Torah that in the past everything was the opposite way. Before his marriage, a man would bring his bride-to-be to his parent’s house, to his mother, where she would “simmer” in his familiar environment. This way, the woman understood the personality of her future husband and received all the information about him from his mother in order to connect to him correctly.

A man does exist between two women, his mother and his wife (the upper, Bina, and the lower, Malchut). This is why a man naturally tends to treat his wife as a mother to some extent, and often times he sees his mother in his wife.

All of these really descend to our world from the spiritual world. Therefore, women should forgive their husbands for this.

Posted on April 19th, 2011 / laitman.com

Pregunta: ¿Por qué la mujer siempre tiene dificultades en las relaciones con su suegra?

Respuesta: Ambas mujeres tienen un deseo muy grande de dominar sobre el mismo hombre. Es conocido de la Torá que en el pasado todo era al contrario. Antes de casarse el hombre traía a su futura esposa a casa de sus padres, a su madre, y la mujer tenía que “acostumbrarse” a su ambiente familiar. De este modo la mujer entendía la personalidad de su futuro esposo y recibía de su madre toda la información sobre él para unirse correctamente con él.

Un hombre siempre está entre dos mujeres, su madre y su esposa (la superior, Biná, y inferior, Maljut). Por eso, de alguna forma, el hombre de manera natural tiende a relacionarse con su mujer como con su madre, y a veces ve en ella a su madre.

Todo esto desciende a nuestro mundo del mundo espiritual. Por lo tanto las mujeres deben perdonar a sus maridos por esto.

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