WELLNESS PROFILE – Lisa Oz – The Power of Healthy Transformation

Despite being born into a family of esteemed physicians, Lisa Oz initially set her sights on a life in the entertainment field. After graduating from Bryn Mawr and studying theology at Columbia University, Lisa pursued her dream of becoming an actress. For over a decade, she lived the life of the theatre by performing, auditioning, and learning her craft.

“What really intrigued me about acting was the idea of changing people’s lives through storytelling,” she says.

Over time, her fascination with telling stories evolved from act- ing in front of the camera to the behind-the-scenes work of writing scripts, producing television shows, and creating books. During this period, she also fell in love with and married the man who

In her book and in her personal life, Lisa takes a holistic view of the importance of the mind and body working in harmony for health.

was destined to become not only her partner in the best sense of the word but also the most famous and beloved surgeon in the world, Dr. Mehmet Oz of “Dr. Oz” fame.

by Philip Smith

View full story at http://viewer.zmags.com/publication/9c3aadee#/9c3aadee/84

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  1. Chassidy says:

    More posts of this qatuliy. Not the usual c***, please


  2. Karsen says:

    Keep on wirting and chugging away!


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