An Overly Complicated System Requires A Solution

Opinion (Pavel Tsygankov, PhD, Moscow State University professor):

 The laws of international systems that we have discovered so far are not stringent enough to use them as the basis for making an accurate prognosis.

Complicated systems have a life of their own, and even control over separate parts of the system does not provide control over the system as a whole. Every action undertaken within the framework of such a system has undetermined consequences, which can neither be predicted nor traced.

If we are to take into consideration the different views of the seven billion people inhabiting the planet, the two hundred governments that control them, the innumerable autonomous bodies, thousands of non-governmental organizations, the religious affiliations, ethical societies, the world economy, the expanding systems of telecommunication, and the growth of the volume of information, it will become obvious that the area of international relations is the most complicated system outside of nature itself.

My Comment:

 We are arriving at the conclusion that only absolute reciprocity that resembles a single organism will be able to create a safe and healthy system out of seven billion people. But to achieve this, we need new kind of education, education of an integral person. Each one of us needs to be made into a particle of a single organism. At the same time, every person will not turn into a robot. On the contrary, they will begin to perceive the entire single organism as their own, and through this they will discover eternal and perfect nature.

Posted: 06 Jul 2011 04:15 PM PDT/

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One Response to An Overly Complicated System Requires A Solution

  1. Snowy says:

    AFAICT you’ve ceorevd all the bases with this answer!


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