If you only listen,

If you only open your heart,

You will begin to see

That He wishes to speak with you,

That He is speaking to you.

Everything that passes

Through your mind and heart

Within you and around you,

Is all His words.

All that you hear,

All that you see,

Are only


There is nothing,

No people,

No one else.

You are speaking only with Him,

And it is His language.

The world’s appearance,

The sensation of reality,

The sensation of the self,

Are all the Creator

Speaking with you.

The Understanding Heart

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2 Responses to ALL ARE HIS WORDS

  1. Leidy says:

    Okay I’m coninvced. Let’s put it to action.


  2. Cayden says:

    Now we know who the senbsile one is here. Great post!


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