Question: Why are there so many toys in the world? I buy and make efforts and eventually, the toy that my boy loves most is me. So why are there so many toys in the world?

M. Laitman: First of all, it’s not the children’s doing. For the children it’s enough if you just give them a shoe box, attach a string it to it and they’ll play with it as though it is a car and it will suffice them, they don’t need more. The parents are the ones who are corrupted and they bring the children all kinds of games that drive the children crazy. It’s not even according to what they desire and according to their imagination. It’s a big industry that starts from television and all those examples that the parents later look for in the stores and it’s a corruption over corruption.

Moderator: But are you saying the parents are corrupted? How are they to blame? They’re going to buy gifts to their child.

M. Laitman: Yes, but we think that this is what’s needed for the child, this is what suits him. And what the child actually needs are much simpler, natural things, not artificial things. He needs an internal development; he needs to be directed to express himself, not given these external things. I’m playing a game that lets this one will kill this one and that one will vanquish that one. These fights always take him out of himself, outwardly and let him be competitive, fight and win; we are really making him miserable

Moderator: But there are toys that aren’t just wars. Look at girls’ toys, there are dolls with different dresses and doll houses.

M. Laitman: Yes, but that happens more naturally. With boys, we are really creating an artificial world for them. To some extent for girls as well, but it’s right, this is more so for boys.

It happened because man has evolved and man encompasses the whole world. Children know what ships and planes and everything is. They see on TV examples of the whole world and want it next to them and in their control.

Moderator: Are there toys in spirituality as well?

M. Laitman: All of spirituality is a toy, it’s a game. It says that “the Creator sits and plays with the whale.” It means that everything is a game. A person who enters spirituality takes his qualities and he starts to play with them. If I want to correct myself properly, to develop myself, I need to look at myself from the side. Who am I? I’m Michael. Who’s Michael? He is these and those qualities; these inclinations and urges. Now I’m looking at this doll from the outside, as though coming out of myself. And looking at myself from outside, and saying, “How can I take all these qualities, all these thoughts, desires, urges, inclinations that are in me, in order to bring that creature called Michael to the level of the Creator?”

And that’s the game I’m playing; I’m changing different things in that puppet. And I refer to it as a third body, outside of me, and then I play with it, I work with it, as I would with a puppet.

Moderator: Okay, you made one toy, you built one puppet. Do you have any more?

M. Laitman: There’s the image of the Creator, as much as it reveals itself to me, and there’s my image as it stands now, and I’m trying to bring them closer. That’s the game, that’s the game of life.

Michael Laitman,  July 10,  2008

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