The Process Has Begun

By the recent events in the world we see how the masses are being set in motion, rising up in waves. In the same way a huge flock of birds wavers in the air making synchronous movements together as if welded together by a common thought.
Thus, the masses in the world will demonstrate increasingly greater consensus, and a united force will suddenly begin surfacing in them. People won’t even understand themselves why this is happening. The fact is that they will acquire the ability to unite more than before in anticipation of the world’s correction. Exactly like birds, they will perform synchronous actions without realizing the reasons for it, doing it by nature’s inner orders.
Then we will see thousands and hundreds of thousands of people on the streets uniting and going somewhere. This will happen suddenly, seemingly without a reason, without an initial preparation of several months. Their waves will roll from one place to another in many points all over the world.
Today we already see how this is happening and how it’s being passed from one country to the next, similar to a virus. These are external signs of an inner phenomenon: These masses are rising up in order to correct themselves by way of unification and mutual actions.
Gradually, that is how the common effort will get organized and discerned. Obviously, people do not understand the essence and causes of what is happening. They attribute the desire that awakened in them to external factors, but this is just a band over their eyes so people wouldn’t see what is really happening. In the meantime, their desire for pleasures matures, going through the regular phases of its development: still, vegetative, animate, and human.
And this process is no longer happening in separate individuals, but in a great mass of people.

Posted on March 1st, 2011 at 6:21 pm –

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