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Nuestro Futuro Influye Nuestro Pasado

Muchos pensamos que el pasado forja el futuro. Que el tiempo solo fluye en una dirección. Pero, algo ha empezado a cambiar después de que la Física Cuántica en varios experimentos ha demostrado que el futuro, influye en el pasado. … Continue reading

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See Flaws and Then Change

I have to exert my hardest efforts when I have to admit my flaws but is even worst as I have to toil to see them disappear. Let’s grab a magnifier, aim it into ourselves and we will see ours … Continue reading

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Scientists probe brief brushes with the afterlife. Jan 12, 2011 by G. Jeffrey MacDonald (RNS)

Wanda Colie vividly remembers what she saw in 1984 when, at age 28, a condition that produced blood in her lungs nearly killed her. The pain vanished and a crowd of familiar faces came to welcome her in a light-drenched … Continue reading

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Humanity is a system of people like the body is a system of cells!

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