Gerencia de la Felicidad: Un nuevo paradigma en Relaciones Humanas

“¿Jugamos un partidito antes de empezar?”, dice al entrar a un lugar donde hay una mesa de ping-pong, unos sillones y un ventanal por el que se cuela el sol. Sí, acá trabaja Daniel Cere…

Source: Gerencia de la Felicidad: Un nuevo paradigma en Relaciones Humanas

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You are complete and whole from the beginning. 

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The Choice To Believe

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The Connected Universe

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The Mind Is Like A Garden

“A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind.”

— James Allen, As A Man Thinketh

My garden is according to the care I decide to give to it. The decision is mine. 

I can choose to have a beautiful weedless, well planted, watered, fed and trimmed garden or I can do the opposite too and have a careless one. Is up to me. 

The only difference is the effort needed to get the first one which means being responsible to do the mandatory things to manifest it. 

For the first to happen I have to give up my comfort zone, be proactive and move.

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Positive Attitude – Actitud Positiva

Everything  starts with an Attitude, be it negative or positive. Let’s choose the positive. 

Todo comienza con una Actitud, sea negativa o positiva. Escojamos la positiva. 

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Changing Thinking Habits

You Can Change Your Habits of Thinking

Mon, 06/27/2016 – 18:57

God said:
How can it be that anyone would refuse happiness, yet this happens every day. You may not perceive this. Sometimes in retrospect, you may see how you did turn happiness away.
Perhaps you start in a certain direction, and then you feel tied to that direction. You started one way, and you don’t quite know how to switch directions. You may not even think of switching onto a different track. Somehow, even if you think of changing tracks, you don’t know how to switch in the middle so you postpone and wait for later.
It is as if you are in the habit of drinking black tea. You could try green tea, yet green tea isn’t on your agenda. You may just like your creature comforts the way you like them, even when the past doesn’t do it for you any longer.
It’s not exactly that you are in a rut. It’s just that you have tunnel vision. In a way, the ways you are used to are like your posture. 

When you have been slumping your shoulders, it’s not so easy to revamp your posture. Yes, you have the posture you are used to. Yes, habit is the word I am looking for. Habit says a lot.
If you were fresh every day, if you would start anew every day, you would revolutionize your own happiness.
I know you want to be happy. You have begged to be happy. Sometimes happiness is thrust before you, and there you are, a recipient of great happiness. Sometimes you see happiness out of the corner of your eye, or you would wrest happiness from someone else if you could. Somehow you do know that happiness is meant to be yours.
There is enough happiness for all. I am determined that you be happy right now.
Your happiness right this minute is a matter of how you look at your life. Someone would be exultant at the life you have while you may look at your life from the dark side. In the relative world, there is always another angle to look from. Again, we can say it’s a matter of your posture, how you stand, what you make of life and not so much life itself.
You may calculate loss. Think of blessings more. Get accustomed to blessings, and be on the look-out for blessings. Blessings chase you, yet blessings don’t always succeed in getting your attention. Blessings may whistle at you, yet you are impervious.
Let us call blessings beauty. Beauty surrounds you. Regardless of a temporary or long-lasting mood, beauty exists. Look for beauty. Beauty exists left and right. Look up, and beauty is here. Look down, too, at a single dandelion, and there is beauty or a whole field of beauty before you. 

Raindrops splashing offer more to you than getting wet.
If you can cry, you can laugh.
Do you see yourself as a heroine in a Russian novel? You can see yourself as you choose. You can adhere to suffering, or you can speculate on joy. You can play bingo or solitaire. You have many choices. Choices come in all colors. Look for brighter colors. Let go of dark colors. Dark colors really do not become you. Sunlight and stars and harmonious music become you. Twirl like a star. 

You can walk on water. You can ride on the rails. There isn’t anything you cannot do, for you are Being, and you are High Being. Consider the possibility. Don’t think you already know everything. Draw different conclusions. Set new goals. Get rid of old thinking, for it can hold you back.
Every day there is a fresh new world out there. Turn in the old for new, the same way you trade in an older car for a new model. Desire what you want and look for it.
Look for Me, for We are going to meet instantly in peace and harmony.

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Liking Yourself

Don’t worry about other people liking you or not, they don’t have to. 

We have enough things about us that we ourselves don’t like and we can use that worrying energy to work towards changing them.
Just be happy. 

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Los objetos no contienen alegría o felicidad, sólo originan data que puede ser percibida por nuestros sentidos con la que nos formamos una idea personal de los mismos. 

La Alegría está en nosotros y surge de nosotros como consecuencia de la actividad de la mente al recrear la idea de los objetos a través de la interpretación de los impulsos sensibles emitidos por ellos. 

Cuando ejercemos el estar alerta del Ahora, del momento presente, nos hacemos conscientes de la naturaleza únicamente perceptible de los objetos y de que son incapaces de emitir o dar lo que no poseen, alegría y felicidad; es entonces cuando surge como consecuencia el desapego de los objetos sin ningún esfuerzo o acción adicional. 


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Don’t Worry

“The word worry comes from the Old English word wyrgan, meaning “to strangle.” When we fixate on something in the past, we grab our own histories by the throat, cutting off the flow of physical and emotional energy that keeps us fully alive. To start the flow again, look forward. Think how you can apply what you’ve learned”

– Martha Beck

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