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Say No To Fear ! – Dile No Al Miedo

Every event in life is an opportunity. The more demanding it is, the more consciousness expanding and growing catalyzing it will be. Never be afraid, always you’ll find inside of you the resources you need to succeed in any challenge. … Continue reading

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No Tocar La Próstata

En primer lugar es necesario saber que es el Grupo de Trabajo de Medicina Preventiva de Norteamérica (U.S. Preventive Services Task Force – USPSTF): Es un panel independiente no-Federal de expertos en prevención y medicina basada en evidencia y que está … Continue reading

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The Anunnaki

The Anunnaki and why WE matter! a seeing by Inelia Benz TRANSCRIPTION OF THE VIDEO Hi! This is Inelia Benz for Today I want to share with you a recording that I found in my cell phone. When I … Continue reading

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Reiki Avanzando

Reiki es una manera de sanación física, mental o emocional utilizado en el Oriente desde hace mucho tiempo y que cada día es utilizado con mayor frecuencia y alcance en Occidente. Es considerada una de las disciplinas y prácticas que … Continue reading

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The Physics of Oneness

This is the knowledge we need to pay attention to in order to move to a new world of awareness and a new way of thinking for humanity to reach the next level. Through this path science will reconcile with spirituality … Continue reading

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Science and technology is begining to focus on Humanity as a system and how it works. The need to study the collective human behaviour stems from the fact that interconnection and interdependence between people and countries have reach a level … Continue reading

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Jill Bolte Taylor TED lecture

Do you want to see the human brain scientifically described and studied? See this:

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