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Yanni says his mother Felitsa is “the woman in his life who taught him a lot about going after his dreams”. I don’t have any doubt that the best teachings were bestowed from her during his first 7 years, maybe … Continue reading

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the sparrow – el gorrión

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Become Smarter From A Flick To The Nose – Ser más inteligentes con solo mover la nariz

Question: Instead of looking for the underlying reasons for what is happening, people prefer to take to the streets and make demands of the authorities. How can we convey the need for radical changes in society and within man? Answer: You and … Continue reading

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Americans talk skinny but eat fat

Every day more and more people are facing the fact that what we put in our mouth is what builds our bodies. Americans talk skinny but eat fat.

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The Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University and Its Commitment to the Young People of the World

A fresh brand new option to the high education needed in the world. This is the kind of initiative humanity must be committed to follow to effectively make a change in the way of thinking prevailing these days. A door … Continue reading

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We Need To Create A Society Built On Internal Harmony – Tenemos que crear una sociedad basada en la armonía interna

Opinion (President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev): “Relations between different ethnic groups, between those who come to work in Europe and the local residents have deteriorated in almost every European country. These problems also exist in the Russian Federation. “Most European politicians have … Continue reading

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What Is Equality? – ¿Qué es la igualdad?

Equality is when every one of us has equal opportunities, meaning the conventional, individual opportunity to express ourselves properly in the collective, integrated system, the opportunity to receive and bestow, and to be balanced with the others. It’s the same as … Continue reading

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